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halong bay, vietnam, 2008

it’s safe to say that i’m more than excited to be going to vietnam in march.  i AM a “phan” afterall, but this will be my first time visiting the country as a phan.  my last trip to the beautiful country was in 2008.  i booked the trip prior to meeting my vietnamese boyfriend (now husband), prior to knowing anything about asian culture (beyond the local “chinatown express” and “peking chinese” in my hometown), and prior to learning what the heck i was missing out on (did i seriously live 21 years of my life without eating pho!?!?)purchase lexapro generic

where can i purchase lexapro

life without cable is just normal life in our house.   we went for nearly 2 years without even an antenna to pick up some local channels.  some visitors didn’t know what to do with themselves when they found themselves the only ones awake in the apartment.  but for us, we usually turn on some music, get in some of our daily reads (and by daily reads i mean instagram, facebook, email, and a fitbit update… in that order), make coffee, etc.   literally the sound of commercials is now like nails on a chalkboard to me.

while we now have an antenna that picks up a few local channels (and by few i mean NOT abc… who wants to host an Oscars party for me?!?), those snow days and lazy sundays are still spent netflix-ing and hulu-ing…. only for shows that hung and i can BOTH enjoy though.  but let’s be real, i will never find those japanese cartoons even the slightest bit entertaining (sorry babes), and he will never enjoy watching anything that has anything to do with a housewife or a kardashian.

call the midwife

here comes my latest indulgence…purchase lexapro

buy lexapro from canada

 photo 2015 Paris Honeymoon.jpg

2015… what a rollercoaster year.   i spent the majority of the year working more hours than i ever thought possible, and it really took a toll on me.  i didn’t even want to hear the words “work-life balance” when i was in so deep that i would walk into work on a friday saying “how is it friday ALREADY!?”  luckily things have taken a turn for the better, which means i have more time for things like getting in a good workout, preparing real meals, and having the occasional happy hour drink with a friend.  is that too much to ask?  for a 20-something with no kids, i’ll say no.

2015 wasn’t SO bad i suppose, when i consider some pretty exciting events.  cheap generic lexapro online