Double “S’s” Weather

Cherry Blossoms Jersey City

Isn’t springtime just the best?  In Jersey City, it means pink cherry blossoms lining the streets, farmers markets opening for the season, kids on bikes and scooters, outdoor seating at the best restaurants… Everyone seems to have that extra spring in their step.   The frequent rains get forgotten the second the sun shines and the temperature rises to the double S’s weather.. sixties and sunny, seventies and sunny.

Saturday was “that” day in our house.  My mom and I ventured out of the house on the cold, rainy morning to cheer ourselves up with some yoga.  After class there were signs of sun, with the rain easing and the clouds clearing.  By the time it was noon, the entire city forgot about the rain and everyone was cheering how nice of a day it was.

 2016 Cherry Blossom with Mom Jersey City

It certainly helped that the Earth Day festival lined the streets near city hall, filling the air with delicious foods.  Milk Sugar Love debuted their new eco-friendly ice cream truck, Taproot Organics was restocked with my mom’s favorite Flora bar soap, and (my favorite) the city was giving away free plants again!

I can deal with a few months of “I can’t feel my face it’s so cold” weather every year if it means 6 months out of the year it’s “leave the windows open” weather like this…


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