call the midwife

life without cable is just normal life in our house.   we went for nearly 2 years without even an antenna to pick up some local channels.  some visitors didn’t know what to do with themselves when they found themselves the only ones awake in the apartment.  but for us, we usually turn on some music, get in some of our daily reads (and by daily reads i mean instagram, facebook, email, and a fitbit update… in that order), make coffee, etc.   literally the sound of commercials is now like nails on a chalkboard to me.

while we now have an antenna that picks up a few local channels (and by few i mean NOT abc… who wants to host an Oscars party for me?!?), those snow days and lazy sundays are still spent netflix-ing and hulu-ing…. only for shows that hung and i can BOTH enjoy though.  but let’s be real, i will never find those japanese cartoons even the slightest bit entertaining (sorry babes), and he will never enjoy watching anything that has anything to do with a housewife or a kardashian.

call the midwife

here comes my latest indulgence… watching here call the midwife on the treadmill at the gym.  BRILLIANT, i say! episodes are practically the same length as my treadmill workout (ok a little longer, but who couldn’t use an extra mile walk a day?)  the show just has something captivating, as i watch as a married childless woman who’s practically clueless when it comes to childbirth, what the norms are today, and what was normal in the 1950’s.  best part about it?  4 seasons on netflix… FOUR SEASONS!  that’s enough to keep me entertained for, oh, a few weeks at least 😛  new episodes are on PBS, but check out the original BBC trailer below:

with new girl, parenthood, gossip girl, making a murderer, and OITNB out of the picture, what are your favorite binge watches on netflix these days?


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  1. Oh I love the new blog, Jenn!!! (And husband!;-) And what a great idea to watch shows on the treadmill–I typically listen to my Podcasts, but I’m going to give this a go! My favorite show I just bingewatched is Girls–so very NYC, so very fun!

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